RTC League | Be Real-time


Build programmable participants that can join sessions and process or synthesize media streams in real-time.


Compose multimodal AI apps with plugins

Chain together prebuilt integrations for speech and video processing, text or image generation, and more.

Build on top of our growing set of plugins


Use WebRTC on the server

Your agent has access the same LiveKit WebRTC features as our client SDKs.


Create agents that can see and hear

Pipe streaming, raw audio packets or video frames through an AI model or processing workflow.


Stream output from generative AI

Generate and stream voice or video samples on-the-fly or play back prerecorded media files.

Autoscale and orchestrate your agents in prod

LiveKit’s edge worker service automatically monitors, health checks, and distributes load across your pool of agents.


Allow machines to see the world

DirectAI works with LiveKit Agents to help developers instantly build computer vision models without code or training data.

See agents in action

Browse some of our agent demos that leverage the latest in AI powered technology

KITT voice assistant

KITT is an AI voice assistant powered by Deepgram, Eleven Labs, and ChatGPT.

Real-time object detection

Detect any objects in real-time without any code changes. This demo is powered by DirectAI’s object detection API.

Celebrity face swap game

A game where you guess which celebrity your face has been swapped with. Powered by Fal.ai.

Try Agents for free

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