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If one day AI is as smart as a human, we’ll interact with it like we do with each other.

Sometimes we text, but most times we talk.

In 2009, Apple launched HLS...

And we took one giant leap backwards.

HLS streams are not synchronized across viewers​

HLS is a read-only protocol and non-interactive​

HLS has up to 60s of latency from streamer to viewer​

With LiveKit's WebRTC stack, you get internet-scale live streaming with none of the downsides.


Detect and convert


Streamers, viewers, speakers, listeners. Every user in a LiveKit session is at most 250ms apart. They all see and hear the same things, at the same time.


Connections are

full duplex

LiveKit’s WebRTC connections can simultaneously send and receive data, which means any viewer on a stream can become a streamer or interact in real-time with others.




LiveKit Cloud is a new type of WebRTC CDN, supporting the same scale as HLS — millions of simultaneous viewers on a single stream.

A WebRTC stack built for live streaming.

Compose. Capture. Record. Replay.

Record any live session with LiveKit’s Chrome-based compositor using prebuilt templates or a custom webpage.

Stream from any source.

Import streams from studio software, standalone cameras and mics, static files, or anywhere on the internet.

Process streams in real-time.

Run streams through AI models for tasks like voice and video filters, noise reduction, or transcription.

Integrated chat and data messages.

Out of the box support for live chat and sending arbitrary data messages between users.

Turnkey multistreaming.

Transcode sessions to RTMP at the edge and send them out to services like Twitch, Kick, YouTube, or TikTok.

Cost competitive

with HLS.

At scale, LiveKit Cloud is price competitive with traditional CDNs like Akamai, Amazon IVS, and Cloudflare.

  • LiveKit Cloud
  • CloudFlare
  • Amazon IVS
LiveKit CloudCloudFlareAmazon IVS
UNIT COST$0.12/GB*$1 per 1000 minutes$0.075 per hour
TOTAL COST$642**$600$750
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*Unit cost based on your project transferring 50TB/month in volume.

**Stream viewers receive 720p at 1.2 Mbps using VP9



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LiveKit Cloud is a cloud real-time platform and the fastest way to prototype and ship to production.