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LiveKit provides all the tools and technology you need to build a best-in-class video conferencing application. Our stack automatically manages bandwidth use, supports hundreds of users with video on, monitors your UI and adjusts resolution or framerate, and offers out-of-the-box moderation APIs.

Differentiate your platform

Craft a bespoke experience for your users

Therapy Sessions

For secure meetings, LiveKit is easy to deploy and self-host, giving you full control over how and where your users’ data is transmitted. Record sessions for review or pipe streams through a transcription service with Egress APIs.

Breakout Rooms

Mimic the flow of IRL conferences or events. Programmatically provision rooms for a specific time, have a user join multiple rooms simultaneously, move them between rooms, or lock rooms via fine-grained permissions.

Work Meetings

Whether it's 1:1s, group L&D sessions, or your company all-hands, features like adaptive streaming, selective subscriptions and recording let you build a better UI/UX for meetings, leveraging the same core technologies powering Hangouts or Zoom.

Digital Classrooms

Adaptive streaming and dynamic broadcast allow hundreds of students to participate during a lecture. Moderation APIs give you control over who can publish audio or video and data channels let you share state between students and/or teachers.

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Jumpstart development with LiveKit Meet

Say hello to our video conferencing starter app

Meet is LiveKit’s open source video conferencing starter project. Like the rest of LiveKit, it’s free to use, customize, integrate, extend or deploy.

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Features to help you build and scale

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Adaptive Stream, Simulcast, Dynacast

Put bandwidth management on autopilot. These features magically adjust bitrates, resolutions and fps based on changes to participant device profiles, your app's UI or publisher/subscriber-side network conditions.

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Selective Subscription

On the client side, scale to thousands of participants in a space together by dynamically choosing which streams each one should receive.

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Opus RED and DTX

LiveKit automatically detects when there's audible microphone data to transmit, dropping silent packets to save bandwidth, and robustly transfers a high-quality stream over low-quality networks.

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UI Components

Build and style your application with less code using prebuilt, customizable components that work with all major Web UI frameworks.

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Moderation APIs

Oversee and enforce rules in your app from the backend. Querying or manipulating rooms, altering the state of any participant, or broadcasting data messages to one more clients are just some of the tools at your disposal.

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Egress and Recording

Record rooms, participants, or individual streams to any cloud storage bucket. You can also export any stream in real-time to another system or service for further processing.

Case Study

LiveKit powers


PopStage is a beautifully-designed tool for crafting and facilitating virtual workshops and trainings. The product experience pairs interactive and dynamic spaces with real-time audio and video to digitally capture the nuances of real-life events.

LiveKit Cloud's rich analytics and global scale let us host our customers' workshops with confidence. The depth of call data available is unrivaled and vital for optimizing participant experience.

Grant Forrest, CTO @ PopStage

Start with open source

Easily build real-time video or audio features into your application using a modern, end-to-end WebRTC stack.

Scale with LiveKit Cloud

LiveKit Cloud is a cloud-native WebRTC platform built and operated by the LiveKit team. With the same open-source APIs, SDKs and features, going to production has never been easier.