AI-Driven Media Server for Streaming & Game Networking

RTC League offers ready-to-use tools and comprehensive SDKs to build  everything from basic streams to complex AR/VR and multiplayer gaming  experiences, with up to 90% packet loss recovery for smooth, real-time  interactions.

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BUILD Super Fast

Develop Seamless with Ease

With our sample apps, custom components, and thorough guides, you’ll move from prototype to production swiftly.

Real-World Use cases

Flexible real-time solutions for diverse needs

Efficient Virtual Meetings

Seamlessly host meetings on a platform that competes with industry leaders, perfectly suited for both intimate sessions and large-scale conferences.

Global Live Events

Broadcast live events in real-time with exceptional quality and synchronization, engaging audiences worldwide.

Smart Agent Applications

Build applications with AI that can understand, respond, and interact, significantly improving user experiences.

Remote Robotics Management

Remotely control drones and cameras with precision, processing inputs in real time for enhanced operational efficiency.

Enhanced Interactions

Integrate real-time communication into your applications seamlessly, suitable for gaming, XR, or advanced visualization environments for spatial computation.

Low-Latency Streaming

Experience lightning-fast WebRTC streaming with sub-400ms latency, powered by OBS, WebRTC and Antmedia Server.

Commitment to Industry-leading

Our security protocols and team are rigorously evaluated by esteemed third-party auditors to ensure consistent and robust compliance.

General Data Protection

We fully comply with GDPR to ensure top-level data protection and privacy in accordance with EU laws.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

We rigorously adhere to HIPAA regulations, protecting patient data and ensuring confidentiality through comprehensive Business Associate Agreements (BAAs).

Service Organization Control Type II (SOC2 Type II)

Our SOC2 Type II compliance underscores our dedication to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy, as verified by the AICPA.


Easy-to-Use APIs for smart media streaming

Multiplayer Networking

Elevate game development with our SDKs for Unity and Unreal Engine, ensuring optimal synchronization and interaction.

Instant Connection Anywhere

Connect users globally via voice and video with low latency. Our APIs recover up to 90% of packet loss during streaming.

Intelligent Media Processing

Analyze, process, and transform audio and video content dynamically with our server-side capabilities.

Enhanced Media Ingestion

Import and adapt media streams with FFMPEG and OBS Studio enhancements, including WebRTC support for peer-to-peer capabilities.

Flexible Media Output

Export high-quality streams to various platforms and services, ensuring compatibility and reach.

Engineers & Research Analysts

Build Real-time

Every Time.

Every component of RTC League has been meticulously designed to create the real-time infrastructure we ourselves would rely on.

Zero vendor lock-in

LiveKit is Apache 2.0 open source. Self-host our infra for free, any time, without changing your app's code.


LiveKit's active community of WebRTC developers help it improve faster than any alternative stack.

Incentive-aligned pricing

We pay cloud providers for bandwidth and compute, you only pay us for the same

Reliability and scale

LiveKit's mesh network architecture supports 99.99% uptime and sessions with millions of users.

Start Your Custom Streaming Service Instantly

Launch with fully-fledged apps and SDKs designed to eliminate development hurdles.

RTC League handles everything from infrastructure to specific use-case development, letting you focus on your niche with zero hassle.

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