RTC League | Be Real-time

Conversational AI​

See, hear, and speak with LLMs in real-time.

If one day AI is as smart as a human, we’ll interact with it like we do with each other.

Sometimes we text, but most times we talk.

Your LLM or Diffusion model is the brain.

LiveKit is the nervous system.

Developer chatting with our open-source, multimodal AI named KITT.

Build the next generation of stateful, voice-driven applications using LiveKit on the server.


Detect and convert speech to text

Streamers, viewers, speakers, listeners. Every user in a LiveKit session is at most 250ms apart. They all see and hear the same things, at the same time.


Run your LLM at the edge

Send tokens to integrated LLMs like GPT-4, Claude and Mistral, or your own fine-tuned model.


Give AI a voice

Use any TTS model like Open AI or ElevenLabs to synthesize and stream speech to client devices.


Stream text or tokens

Send arbitrary binary data to one or many users such as tokens from your LLM or audio transcriptions.

Build your live streaming app for free

LiveKit Cloud is a cloud real-time platform and the fastest way to prototype and ship to production.