RTC League | Be Real-time


Build multi-user apps with streaming audio and video.


Build your app in any language

Build with open source SDKs natively-designed for web, mobile, and desktop.


Sync data and send messages between users

Exchange arbitrary data between participants and attach JSON payloads to sessions.


Authenticate users and control permissions

Integrated JWT-based authentication with session permissions and stream access control.

And many more features

Put bandwidth and network congestion on autopilot

LiveKit uses state-of-the-art techniques to adapt to ever-changing network conditions.

Transmit video using SVC codecs

LiveKit transparently upgrades video to AV1 or VP9 whenever possible.

Encrypt media end-to-end

LiveKit supports cross-platform, client-to-client encryption using insertable streams.

Upgrade your audio

Detect speakers, save data with DTX, reduce glitches with RED, enrich playback with stereo and spatial audio.

React to session events with webhooks

Register an endpoint and receive backend notifications for session and participant events.


The world's largest study hall

StudyStream built a campus library open 24/7 using LiveKit Real-Time, with space for thousands of students to get work done with others from around the world.

Check out StudyStream

Try Real-time for free

LiveKit Cloud is a cloud real-time platform and the fastest way to prototype and ship to production.